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I design websites, logos, flyers and more through a holistic approach which

 embodies your brand and ethos. 

Meet The Designer:


Brand Curator


I became interested in art and the way color affects our emotional experience in high school. After graduating college and becoming a Waldorf Teacher I began planning to open a business in Freeport, Maine with my partner. We opened Wanderlust Juicery in the summer of 2019, just before welcoming our 5th child. It was during this time that I learned about the importance of a brand's ethos, how each brand tells a story, and the path to target marketing to customers. 

I am a professional with a strong background in SEO, marketing, and branding. Since bringing my Stardust and Ash to life I have created websites, logos, marketing materials, flyers, and social media content for Waldorf-inspired schools in Maine, Idaho, and California. I have been blessed to expand into other markets as well growing into areas such as life coach websites and so much more! As an artist with a holistic lifestyle, I understand the importance of aligning a brand's message with its core values to create content that connects with the audience on an emotional level. When the brand washes over you like the waves on the shore and ellicits an emotional response, I know I have succeeded. 

WhaT I Do


What is a brand curator?

As a brand curator, I immerse myself in the brand to discover its essence and create a digital platform that allows it to emerge anew. I take all of the pieces that make up a brand and find the unique qualities that make it shine. I use a holistic approach to create a vision for the brand that aligns with the business owner's goals and values. My services allow business owners to focus on the work of running their business while I handle the representation of the brand through digital platforms. I help to ensure that the brand's story is accurately and effectively communicated to the intended audience.

Who I Am


I am a designer who believes that my work is both a creative and transformative process. We are all made of stardust and the light that shines within can be seen in my designs. Each new project brings a sense of satisfaction and a renewed sense of self. I approach my work holistically and aim to distill the essence of branding and the emotional experience that a brand hopes to elicit in its audience. I see the branding process as an initiation, one that helps business owners discover their unique voice and ethos. I see myself as a vessel, helping to tell the story of a brand through design.

How i Work


To engage in the creative process here at Stardust and Ash we will schedule a free consultation to discuss your business or school, where it is at today, and where you hope to see it go. Upon being hired we will initiate a customized plan based on your needs to ensure the holistic approach I utilize. I work on an hourly rate and have plan options for lager projects.  

What I Believe


I believe that the artistic endeavor is not only a creative process, but also a powerful tool for making an impact. I believe that my work is more than just digital content, more than a social media post or marketing flyer, but something that can touch the hearts and minds of people. I believe that when we create something beautiful, something that speaks to the souls of each individual that encounters it, we have the ability to spark the light that we all hold within.

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